There are many browsers and media players and this page concentrates on how to play MIDI music in Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

The most convenient way to play MIDI music while browsing the internet  is to switch Windows Media Player to Skin Mode.  To do this, select Skin Mode from the View menu on Windows Media Player, or hold down Ctrl+2 on the keyboard.

The Miniplayer skin for Windows Media Player is useful while listening to media files from the internet and looks like this:



                                                        To use this skin:
a) Select Full Mode by holding down Ctrl+1 on the keyboard.
b) Select Skin Chooser from the View menu (Windows Media Player 10) or click Skin Chooser (Windows Media Player 8 and 9).
c) Select Miniplayer and click Apply.

The Miniplayer can be moved around the screen by dragging the top bar.

On some computers opening media links in Internet Explorer may bring up the Media Bar on the left hand side of the screen.  To listen to items in Windows Media Player instead:
a) Click the Media button on the main toolbar of Internet Explorer.
b) Click Media Options, then select Settings.
c) Uncheck the box for "Play web media in the bar".

To save a MIDI file to your computer so that it can be played offline:
Windows users: Right click the link to the MIDI file and select "Save Target / Link As". 
Apple Mac users: Ctrl-click and select "Download Linked File".

Users of tabbed browsers like Firefox and Opera can open MIDI files as a new tab by right clicking on the links.

A quick note for Winamp users: when playing MIDI files in Winamp, it is possible to view the track information by double clicking on the name of the piece or by holding down Alt+3.

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