Here is a selection of free software picks that can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Please note that WebDoodles cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by these programs.

Audacity - record and mix multi-track audio.
Audiograbber - record live audio in MP3 format.
Freerip - rip CDs to MP3, WAV or OGG format.
Mp3Gain - make the volume levels of different MP3s the same.
MP3Trim - trim the length of MP3s.
Voicemail Compressor - send compressed voice e-mails.

Checkerboard - play checkers (draughts)
Concentration Game - remember the position of the pictures on the board.
Connect 4 - computer version of the classic game.
DX Ball - remake of the classic game Breakout.
Ea Hockey - play table hockey with your mouse.
Mario in Worlds Unknown - clone of the Super Mario Game.
Mini Golf - play a round of golf with unusual obstacles.
Pool - play a game of pool on the computer screen.
Race Game - drive around a racing track in rally cars.

ArtRage - draw on your computer screen with a range of pens and brushes.
- download pictures from a digital camera and view them.
Dead Pixel Buddy - check your computer screen for uneven wear and tear.
Eyedropper - find out the RGB, Hex or YMCK values of a colour by clicking on it.
Fractal Forge - generate fractal images.
Free and Easy Font Viewer - view text examples of all of the fonts on your computer.
Gloodle - create graphics with reflecting patterns.
Iconomaker - create and edit icons.
Icon Sucker - extract icons from program files.
JR Screen Ruler
- measure sizes on your computer screen in pixels.
Magnifier - magnify an area of your computer screen.
Screen Grab Pro - capture any area of your screen and save it as a JPEG or Bitmap.
TestScreen - check the geometry and other settings of your monitor.

Cryptainer LE - create an encrypted drive for storing your files.
Eraser - securely delete documents.
Leaktest - test the efficiency of your firewall.

4T Tray Minimizer - minimize any open window to the system tray.
101 Clips - store and retrieve a range of items on your clipboard.
Agent Ransack - search for files and folders on your computer.
Atlantis Nova - word processor with a wide range of features.
Calc 98 - calculator with a wide range of scientific functions.
CCleaner - delete unwanted files and clean the registry.
ClocX - place an analogue clock with alarm on your computer screen.
Comparator - compare and synchronise the contents of any two folders.
CPUstats - see how much CPU power your computer is using.
CursorUS - your mouse cursor travels without stopping at the edges of the screen.
FileZilla - manage FTP transfers and view the contents of network locations.
Folder Style - customize the icon for folders.
Freemeter - view a range of statistics about how your computer is performing.
FreeRam XP - manage and view the amount of RAM used by your computer.
Hard Disk Indicator - see when your hard drive is active with this tray icon.
Mini Reminder - simple diary with reminders about important dates.
MMM - customize which items appear in the right click menu.
Pop Peeper - check a range of POP3 and webmail accounts from the system tray.
Powerclick - tray icon with a range of options including hibernate.
Produkey - find out the product keys of software on your computer.
ShowIP - show your current IP address with a tray icon.
Stickies - place sticky notes on your computer screen.
SysSpec - find out about your computer's hardware and software.
Tray Commander Lite - control a range of functions with this tray icon.
- replacement for Notepad as text editor.
WordWeb - dictionary available as a tray icon.
Xplorer2 - file explorer that allows dual pane exploring.

E Sheep - place an animated sheep on your screen which you can pick up and drop.
Lava i Mate - place a lava lamp on your screen.
Reuters Ticker - catch up with the latest headlines from Reuters.