This page takes a look at some at the technical ideas behind WebDoodles.

The website has been designed for monitors with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels. This means that monitors of 800 X 600 pixels will not be able to display the full width of the pages without scrolling sideways. As flat panel monitors become more common, screen resolutions of 1024 X 768 and 1280 X 1024 pixels are becoming standard, while 800 X 600 monitors are usually found on older computers.  Click here to find out the current resolution of your screen.

A better view of the website can be obtained by switching the browser to full screen mode. To do this, press the F11 key on the top row of the keyboard. To switch back to normal view, press the F11 key again. For even better results, close other programs while browsing WebDoodles as some of the animations are quite heavy on computer power.

All of the pages are designed to have a reasonable loading time with a broadband connection. Although the site has been tested with a dial-up connection it is intended to make full use of the increased connection speed offered by broadband.

All of the pages have been tested with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers, although not all of the features found on the site are available in all browsers.  For example the coloured scrollbars, page transition effects and cursor animation on the Pop Music page are available only in Internet Explorer. All of the non-Internet Explorer features are visual effects only and do not affect the navigation or content of the site.  The browser will need to have Flash and Java enabled in order to view the site correctly, and modern computers should have these installed already. The Test Page contains examples of GIF, Flash and Java animations.  There are no pop up or banner adverts on this website.

If anyone has viewed this website on an Apple or Linux browser, please contact me if things did not work smoothly.

The RSS feed of the website is available by clicking on the symbol. Some browsers and feed readers will open the feed automatically when the symbol is clicked. If not, create a new feed manually by copying and pasting the following address into your reader: .

Worth a mention is Avant browser, which uses the architecture of Internet Explorer and contains a wide range of additional features including a built-in feed reader.

PLEASE NOTE that hotlinking to files on is unavailable to some websites due to bandwidth misuse.  If you would like to use files from this site, please download them first.

Here is some of the software used to create WebDoodles:

Microsoft Front Page 2003
Amara Flash Menu Builder
Amara Flash Slideshow Builder
Xara 3D
Corel Paint Shop Pro X
Microsoft GIF Animator
Seractal Fractals Screensaver
Screensaver Factory
SWF Toolbox
Kurt's DHTML
Scrollbar Color Maker
3D Clock
RSS Builder
Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect

Please send in bug reports, suggestions and comments about WebDoodles by using the contact form.




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