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76 Trombones     633 Squadron     Ashokan Farewell     Assault On Precinct 13

Axel F     Beetlejuice     Blue Peter     Cantina Theme     Catch Me If You Can

Cavatina     Chi Mai     Colonel Bogey     Crockett's Theme     Dallas     Das Boot

Doctor Who     Escape From New York     Eurovision Theme   Everything I Do

Fawlty Towers     Ghostbusters     Goldfinger     Grandstand     Hawaii 5-0

I Will Always Love You     James Bond Theme     Looney Tunes     Mission Impossible

NBC News Theme     Pink Panther Theme     Psycho     Scooby Doo     Shaft

Stayin' Alive     Superman     The Eye Of The Tiger     The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Great Escape     The Magnificent Seven     The Spy Who Loved Me

Thunderbirds     Top Cat     Toy Story     Treasure Hunt     Wallace and Gromit

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?     Yakety Sax     You're The One That I Want



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