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Download Rainbow Desktop Wallpaper (1024 X 768 pixels, 120 KB).

(You can open the image by clicking on the thumbnail or link, then right click and select "Save Picture As").

   FREE MP3: Turkish March Op. 113 No. 4 by Ludwig van
                   Beethoven (2.59 MB).

Help Page - about this site.
Contact the webmaster.
Sign the Guestbook.
Latest News Headlines - The BBC news in PDA format.
The Screen Tester displays the resolution and colour bit depth of your monitor.
The Test Page demonstrates three types of browser animation.
Playing MIDI Music - help with playing MIDI files.
Technical - find out about some of the technical aspects of this site.
Easter Egg - can you guess the password and view the page? (see the Bonus Items page for a clue).
Bonus Items - find out about some of the extra bits and pieces on this site.
Software - list of useful freeware downloads.
Error 404 Page - this is what appears when a page is unavailable.
Spooky Extras - some seriously spooky graphics.
Maxwell's Silver Hammer - watch a cartoon version of the Beatles song.


The Arcade contains some classic games to play online, which are:
Pac-man - eat the dots and avoid the ghosts.
Space Invaders - shoot the spacecraft before they reach the ground.
Tetris - rotate the falling blocks to form lines at the base.
Frogger - help the frog across the road and the river.
Pong - the classic tennis game that started it all.
Simon - repeat the pattern of coloured lights and sounds.
Rush Hour - help the red car out of the car park.
CubeBuster - remove the cubes from the screen.
Addemup - remove the numbers from the screen.

The games can also be downloaded for offline use.
Click here to download (Zip file 4.68 MB).


The Gallery contains three slideshows, which are:

Fractals - patterns with complex detail.
Computer Art - computer generated images.
Paignton - images of Paignton in Devon.

The slideshows can also be downloaded as screensavers:

Click here to download the Fractals screensaver (Zip file, 6.76 MB).
Click here to download the Computer Art screensaver (Zip file, 2.13 MB).
Click here to download the Paignton screensaver (Zip file, 4.04 MB).

There is also a Bonus Gallery of Paignton.
Click here to download this gallery as a screensaver (Zip file, 6.34 MB).


The pieces of MIDI music can be played online or downloaded.  Click here for help with playing the MIDI music.  The pieces of MIDI music are grouped according to a range of styles:

All American   Celtic   Christmas   Classical   Electronic   Film and Television   Piano

Pop Music   Spooky   Top Twenty   Windows


The following items are also available for download from WebDoodles:

WebDoodles desktop wallpaper

Software compilation of Dead Pixel Buddy, TestScreens and EyeDropper
(Zip file 121 KB).  See the Screen Tester for more details.
fr - 08 The Product is an excellent piece of computer animation (64 KB).

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